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Check your website for spelling mistakes and broken links. Just enter your URL and go!
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15 July 2007

Editor's review

Properly written content helps effectively in enhancing the credibility of the website among its users. If the content presented in your website is interactive and all your links are working accurately without any flaw, then it definitely would lay positive impact on visitors. But, when it comes to present huge amount of content, it becomes difficult for you to check the spellings thoroughly. To take the onus of spell check off from your shoulders just try out Inspyder InSite 1.4.1 software. The application checks the whole website for any sort of spelling mistakes on your website and presents you the dynamic content. It also checks the broken links that indirectly helps in enhancing the reputation of your website among users.

Inspyder InSite 1.4.1 is a fully functional utility that performs different functions like spell check, verify links, and word/phrase density, etc with effortless ease. The operations of the application can be easily carried out and the feature-set is even effortless to use. To spell check your website you just need to enter the URL of your website and the click ‘Go’. You can add the new projects and get the website checked. The application itself check every page of your website, finds and lists the errors, and subsequently also verifies the links. The configurations of the application can be modified for submitting form data and even crawl the password protected websites, to check the entire content. It presents all the errors and other related details at the bottom side of the program screen, like Spelling Errors, Link Errors, Spell Checked Pages, Verified Links, etc. The program supports launching the HTML editor to make the correction in links and spelling in a quick manner. It also includes providing keyword density for the optimization of your website. The program supports scheduling feature to set the automatic daily, weekly or monthly delivery.

Inspyder InSite 1.4.1 performs different functions with finesse and its easily-navigable feature-set that helps in saving your crucial time by thoroughly checking for the accuracy of content and lessens the need for link verification for your website pages. Rated with 3 points, the application impresses on account of its variety of features, user-friendly interface, and the quick checking-process.

Publisher's description

Spell check your website and find broken links in seconds! Inspyder InSite is the quick and easy solution to spell checking your entire website, even dynamic content. Just enter your URL and click go! InSite will crawl every page of your website, validating links, looking for spelling mistakes and more. Download a free trial today!
InSite goes beyond online spell checkers and automatically checks your whole website. No more checking each page individually, get the job done quick by crawling your entire website at once. InSite's SmartSense technology can automatically remove 'false-positive' spelling mistakes based on your website. SmartSense saves you time and effort by providing you with only real spelling mistakes.
InSite is a client-side utility, so it doesn't need to run on your server. You can use it to check any website you can surf, even your development or desktop web server. It can also be configured to submit form data and crawl password protected websites, enabling you to check content everywhere on your website.
InSite can launch your HTML editor, helping you quickly correct broken links and spelling mistakes. InSite calculates keyword density, allowing you deliver more effective search engine optimization for the websites you create. It can be scheduled to automatically deliver reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. No more forgetting to spell check your website, get an easy to read report in your inbox.
Inspyder InSite
Inspyder InSite
Version 1.4.1
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